Being an average accountant, lawyer, contractor or assembly-line worker is not the ticket it used to be... So our schools have a doubly hard task now — not just improving reading, writing and arithmetic but entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity.
— Tom Friedman, The New York Times

TEN9EIGHT isn’t just a documentary. It’s the beginning of a conversation and the start of a movement. Our hope is that you are inspired by the film and motivated to both learn more and take action – to expand opportunities for entrepreneurs from low-income communities, and to introduce more people to this important issue. Start by exploring the resources below, which include links to several partner organizations and information about the issues that are defined by the film.

U.S. Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, introduces TEN9EIGHT


For Young Entrepreneurs: Start Your Own Business >

For Educators: Teach Entrepreneurship in Your High School >

For Policy Makers: Entrepreneurship Issues and Drop out Prevention Facts and Figures >

Become a Mentor for Young Entrepreneurs >

Graduate School: Find the Graduate program that’s right for you >


The mission of the John Templeton Foundation is to serve as a philanthropic catalyst for discovery in areas engaging life’s biggest questions. These questions range from explorations into the laws of nature and the universe to questions on the nature of love, gratitude, forgiveness, and creativity.

The Kauffman Foundation is working to further understand the phenomenon of entrepreneurship, to advance entrepreneurship education and training efforts, to promote entrepreneurship-friendly policies, and to better facilitate the commercialization of new technologies by entrepreneurs and others, which have great promise for improving the economic welfare of our nation.

The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE, pronounced “nifty”) provides entrepreneurship education programs to young people from low-income communities. Our vision is that every young person will find a pathway to prosperity. Since 1987, NFTE has worked with nearly 232,000 young people. NFTE currently operates programs in 22 states and 12 countries outside the U.S., and has over 1,300 active Certified Entrepreneurship Teachers.

Many thanks also to the Campbell Soup Company for underwriting the cost of the educational version of TEN9EIGHT for 200 communities. Campbell Soup Company is a global manufacturer and marketer of high-quality foods and simple meals, including soup and sauces, baked snacks and healthy beverages. Founded in 1869, the company has a portfolio of market-leading brands, including “Campbell’s,” “Pepperidge Farm,” “Arnott’s” and “V8.”

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