May 3

Ran theatrically at
AMC Theaters
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MacaleeHarris_HomeMacalee Harris
MAC Shields
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Meet the Kids

Mac, a standout high school football player, credits his father as his greatest influence and the source of his determination to succeed…

Tatyana BlackwellTatyana Blackwell
Just Cheer Uniforms
Capitol Heights, Maryland
Meet the Kids

In 2004, Tatyana and the other members of Suitland High School’s cheerleading team weren’t impressed by the uniform design proposed by their coach…

Shan Shan HuangShan Shan Huang
Charger Station
Boston, Massachusetts
Meet the Kids

Three years ago, Shan Shan was a high school student in southern China when her parents made a decision that would change the lives of their family forever…

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